Figure 1. (from left) Students Ian Bussan, Sam Stout, Miriam Roth, and Jonathan Tilden

This website was created by Hope College students Miriam Roth, Jonathan Tilden, Sam Stout, and Ian Bussan. The students participated in the Great Lakes Colleges Association’s Library of Congress Research Initiative in July, 2015. This collaboration between library staff and undergraduate researchers provided the Hope team with an incredible support system that shaped their research process. After becoming familiar with the basic tools that the Library of Congress offers researchers, the students discovered primary and secondary sources ranging from promotional pamphlets to song books to personal correspondence. While each student focused on a specific member or members of the United War Work Campaign, they also used the information collected to draw larger conclusions about the effects of the UWWC on the different strata of American society.

Figure 2. Courtesy of the Library of Congress.

These student researchers were assisted in this project by faculty advisor Professor Jeanne Petit and library consultant Professor Patrick Morgan. We would like to thank our funding providers, including the Mellon Scholars Program, the Hope College History Department Pagenkopf Research Grant, and the Great Lakes Colleges Association. We would like to personally thank Christine Pruzin, Digital Reference Specialist and our research liaison at the Library of Congress, W. John Shepherd of Catholic University of America, as well as Alex Galarza, who served as a digital and website design consultant. Offsite research was undertaken at the Library of Congress as well as at the American Catholic History Research Center at the Catholic University of America.



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